Learning is pleasure, learning is experience & learning is development. Small Step Goal - Where education is more than imparting knowledge, It's about encouraging children to do significant things with what they've learnt.

Housed in its own premises Small Steps has all the facilities & programs of an ideal kindergarten. We provide the kind of care and education you want for your child. The following information should answer most of your questions regarding the people, policies and programs that make Small Steps so valuable for families.

Small Steps has specially designed premises with child safe interiors child friendly furniture and amenities, child sized washrooms the entire preschool is child proof and includes safety gates, grills etc. The spacious classrooms and learning centers are resourced with developmentally appropriate books, toys, equipments and other resources.


Our teachers are specifically chosen because of their dedication to meeting the development & educational needs of children each member of our staff meets the qualifications comprehensive basic training program.

Its one thing to love children. But it's another thing to love teaching them. To succeed you have to love kids as they are. You have to love children who play hard, get hurt and don't always get to the bathroom on time. Children need warmth attention, enthusiasm, encouragement, and the joy of doing things themselves- that's what helps them grow that's our mission at Small Steps.
Our Vision:

 To facilitate lifelong learning and development of the child.

Our Mission: