Learning is pleasure, learning is experience & learning is development. Small Step Goal - Where education is more than imparting knowledge, It's about encouraging children to do significant things with what they've learnt.

Nursery kids love to learn. So our programs for nursery are designed to encourage their love of learning while preparing them for kindergarten & beyond Nursery programs feature them based learning in age appropriate discovery area environments. Hands on sensory experiences helps children understand concepts as we emphasize pre reading basic math concepts & science Inquiry.

A Small group instruction style is provided to meet the individual needs of each child. This style also gives each child the opportunity to important social skills like cooperation, problem solving, following directions & respect for others. Our phonic-based literacy program helps children become reading ready.

Our preschool is characterized by

  1. Play group – eligibility Criteria 1-6 yrs.
  2. Nursery – Age group 2.6 yrs+
  3. Junior KG – Age group3.6yrs +
  4. Senior KG – Age group4.6yrs +

Co-curricular Activities:
The school coaches the Junior & Senior Kg Students for Karate at no extra cost.
It is integrated in the school curriculum in school curriculum in school working hours.

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Festivals & Culture:-
All festivals of religious & cultural importance are celebrated with great zeal and fervor.
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Art & Craft
The school takes a lot of interest and effort to inculcate aesthetic sense in the young toddlers. The activities are done age wise considering he fine motor development of each age group.
It also arranges an exhibition of Art and Craft at the end of the term which showcases the children’s talent.
Dance and drama
An annual day is held every year wherein children of all classes participate. Dances are choreographed, practiced and rehearsed for the best presentation. Children are also encouraged to participate in little Skits, Dramas and Songs etc.